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August 2014

New Facebook Group for More Interaction & Better Updates!

You’ve probably noticed that Facebook no longer notifies you, even when your favorite Pages post new statuses. While Facebook does allow Page owners to pay money to “Boost” their posts, I quite frankly can’t afford $40+ per post!

So, I’ve decided to start a Group:

A Group is more interactive than a Page, and you can (if you choose) get notified whenever there’s a new post. I’ve set the Group up so that only I can post, so no need to worry about Continue reading “New Facebook Group for More Interaction & Better Updates!”


No. I Don’t Have Tourrette’s. I’m A Mother.

Elowyn, 22 months

This morning, as I nursed my one-month-old, ate a bowl of cereal, and spoon-fed my toddler breakfast all at the same time, it occurred to me that if I blogged the way I talk then it would read something like this:

Having two young daughters is a lot of – don’t touch that – that fun. My toddler turns two later this – swallow your food! Down, down, down in your tummy! later this month. She’s adapting really well to having a younger sibling – be quiet! Are you all done? She fetches clean – down diapers, throws away dirty diapers, and loves to give her little sister kisses – OH MY GOSH! GET DOWN FROM THERE!!! Seriously child! – Thankfully, she already sleeps through the night so I only get woken up No! to feed the baby. Continue reading “No. I Don’t Have Tourrette’s. I’m A Mother.”

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