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September 2013

Poem: As I Walked Beside the River

The Shepherdess of Rolleboise, by Daniel Ridgway Knight, 1839-1924

As I walked beside the river
Between this plane and forever
I could hear a whisper saying –
Floating on the rain cooled breeze –
“Cross now, cross the Jordan river
Come with me and live forever
Where the children, haply playing,
Never know pain or disease,
Never know the constant struggle
Never know the tears or heartbreak
Never know the way it feels
To die a little every day.”

by Jennifer Grassman, 2013


A Day in the Life of a Working Mom


Tasks Completed:

  • Made French Toast for Breakfast
  • Got Tiny E Dressed
  • Read 5 Books to Tiny E
  • Wrote & Edited 5 Pages of Website Content
  • Played Pat-A-Cake
  • Made Cheese Omelet for Lunch
  • Gave Tiny E a Bath to Remove Cheese Omelet from Hair
  • Swept & Mopped Kitchen Floor (but it’s still sticky. Highly recommend shoes)
  • Watched an Episode of Psych with Tiny E
  • Realized I’d Totally Dreamed Up Writing a Press Release

Still Need To Do:

  1. Write Press Release
  2. Write Content for 2 Email Newsletters
  3. Locate Tiny E’s Hideous Stash of Old Pear Slices & Discard
  4. Do Laundry
  5. Clean Cat Litter
  6. Take Out Trash
  7. Straighten Bedroom
  8. Clean Kitchen
  9. If Possible, Change out of PJs before Jason Gets Home

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