The Official Help Wanted Poster

I am writing a rather unusual book. It’s a collection of short stories written from the perspective of inanimate objects. I’ve already got a handful written … One is a tree, another an old house, another a shadow …

Here’s where you come in:

Think up an object and suggest it in the comments below or on my Facebook page. It could be anything … some kind of antique, a musical instrument, a place where something interesting has happened … Assuming I’m feeling creatively up to your challenge, I’ll write a short 2 – 10 page story or poem from the perspective of the object you suggest.

Now, look around you! What do you see? While your out and about, or home in your spare time, think of all the voiceless things in your environment that might have a story to tell.

Post your suggestions below, on Facebook, or on Twitter to @JGrassman.