My fellow bloggess, Leslie Carter, recently challenged her readers to make a bucket list. I’ve always thought of a bucket list as a before-you-kick-the-bucket-to-do-list … which … technically it is. But in this case, it’s just an epic to-do list I hope to complete before 2013. Anyway, I suppose one never knows when one is going to “kick the bucket” in this crazy world, so one might as well live in the present!

My Bucket List:
(in no particular order … except for that first one …)

  • Give birth to Elowyn (TOP PRIORITY!!!)
  • Finish nursery (just need a crib mattress & changing table pad)
  • Read outloud to Elowyn every day
  • Read the Bible every day
  • Start teaching piano & vocal lessons for children
  • Sew Elowyn’s Peter Rabbit and Mrs. Tiggywinkle baby blankets
  • Take Rachel out for dinner
  • Enjoy a margarita or two or three (after the baby is born, obviously)
  • Start personal training with Tara & get back in shape
  • Plan a girls night out with friends in November & have Jason watch Elowyn
  • Eat really good sushi (and maybe have another margarita)
  • Find affordable fold out couch for spare room
  • Paint Jason’s in-home studio and fix it up all nice for him
  • Continue working on Once Upon A Time album with Mike
  • Plan a music video with Kaitlin
  • Coordinate a performance series where I’d open for or play during the intermission during a local ballet, symphony, or theater company
  • Book a residency / concert series at a museum, art gallery, wine bar, or nice hotel
  • Identify 5+ satallite radio stations / shows that could / would air my music and network with their music directors

Please let me know what you think!  Can I get ALL this done prior to 2013?  God knows. But any ideas for how I can achieve some of these goals (particularly if you know an awesome satellite radio show that might air my music) please do share (o: