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War Room Movie Review: A Closer Look At Prayer, Sin, & Satan

I liked War Room a lot. The characters were engaging, the emotion was moving, and the story of redemption was beautiful. However, I had three main issues with the theology (or theology that could have been implied or misconstrued):  Continue reading “War Room Movie Review: A Closer Look At Prayer, Sin, & Satan”

How Can You Love Someone The Way Jesus Loves Them?

When dealing with difficult people, I’ve often been advised to “Love them like Jesus would.” But, if we’re really going to be honest about who Jesus is, that’s humanly impossible. Continue reading “How Can You Love Someone The Way Jesus Loves Them?”

Baphomet: The Satanic Tradition of Abortion

Before Christ was born, Satan killed millions of children in hopes of thwarting Eve’s promised Messiah. Now, after Christ, our children feel the wrath of a sore loser. Continue reading “Baphomet: The Satanic Tradition of Abortion”

The Sunshine of Dawn: Reading the Bible Out Loud to a 3 Year Old Child

Whenever I read the Bible to my almost-three year old daughter, I reword things slightly so she can understand and connect with the passage. Today we read Proverbs 4. She interrupted after verse 9 and said that instead of a crown, she’d prefer sparkly shoes. I told her that was a wonderful idea, because if Wisdom gave her shoes, she’d always know the right way to go. Here’s what we read: Continue reading “The Sunshine of Dawn: Reading the Bible Out Loud to a 3 Year Old Child”

Lovely: “Amazing Grace” by Condoleezza Rice & Jenny Oaks Baker to Benefit Wounded Warrior

This is lovely! I must admit, I had forgotten that Condoleezza Rice played the piano, and I hadn’t heard her play before today. She is extremely talented! In this beautifully choreographed and produced video, she’s joined by violinist Jenny Oaks Baker.  All proceeds for the song benefit The Wounded Warrior Project. Enjoy! Continue reading “Lovely: “Amazing Grace” by Condoleezza Rice & Jenny Oaks Baker to Benefit Wounded Warrior”

We are diamonds.

I remember the moment, 9 years ago, that my dad-in-law looked at my wedding ring diamond under a microscope. He said, “I’d know your diamond anywhere. It has a really unique imperfection.”

I think people are like diamonds. Continue reading “We are diamonds.”

And so, it begins …

After over two years of musical silence, we are finally gearing up to finish production on my next album. Continue reading “And so, it begins …”

I Dearly Miss the Smell of Books

I dearly miss the smell of books, the crunch of a sewn binding, and the feel of holding a whole world in my hands. There is a kind of ownership in holding a book which digital technology cannot duplicate. Continue reading “I Dearly Miss the Smell of Books”

The First Time I Spoke With God

I remember it so well. I was about 4 or 5 years old, and I was playing in the dirt in my backyard in Memphis, Tennessee.

I remember scooping dirt with a spoon, and putting it in a little cup, and I thinking, “God, I don’t pray very often, and I can’t read yet, so I can’t read the Bible.” Continue reading “The First Time I Spoke With God”

Rest in Peace Sir Christopher Lee: Actor & Symphonic Metal Artist

Actor, singer, and symphonic metal artist, Sir Christopher Lee, has passed away. He was 93 years old, but remained active in his art – his acting and his singing – to the end.

Many know Christopher Lee for his unparalleled theatrical performances and voice acting skills. Jason and I, however, also know him as an incredible operatic vocalist, both narrating story lines and singing epic melodies.

His award winning concept album, which released in 2010, is titled, Charlemagne: By the Sword and the Cross, and tells the story of the First Holy Roman Emperor, King Charlemagne. A heavy metal follow-up album, titled Charlemagne: The Omens of Death, was released in 2013. Lyrically and musically, Lee’s music is very dramatic, and his deep rich voice provides an impressively theatrical power. Continue reading “Rest in Peace Sir Christopher Lee: Actor & Symphonic Metal Artist”

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